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Risk of Electrocution

Posted by The Locks Guru 
Risk of Electrocution
July 30, 2017 05:50AM
While building my brand new Prusa I3 CE (China Export, clone) I was concerned about the power input socket, in particular the strap in the the back of the IEC Switched and Fused Socket, my hunch was correct the strap is Live 230v what is worse it is live even when switched off.

I have omitted this and fitted a switch and fixed lead instead, also would recommend replacing the fusee with 3 amp fuses, more than acquitted for a 360watt SMPSU and also replacing the mains feed to Power supply with double insulated cable.

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Re: Risk of Electrocution
July 30, 2017 09:15AM
I to purchased a Chinese Clone, however you got the better deal as my clone only had Power cord pigtail and no power switch.
Still had exposed 110V power leads.
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