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First safety experiences of a newbee

Posted by serdar415 
First safety experiences of a newbee
March 27, 2018 03:29AM
I bought a core xy printer few weeks ago and i have learned some safety lessons from it. I want to share with you:

1. Dont rush. ( I had rush and coused troubles. Move step by step. Tried to print a complex part before learining how to adjust settings. And the molted filament was all over extruder. I had to clean them)

2. Dont let your pet unattendent with your printer (Kids said the cat jumped on the working printer. Cruious thing).

3. Dont try to adjust electronic or mechanical parts before knowing what you are doing (I had a problem with z axis. And I tried to correct it but coused more trouble.)

4. Dont put anything in the working space of extruder and bed. (I removed the threaded rod, and put a wd40 can under the bed to stop it falling. Then i put the rod back. And forgat the can under it. And started the printer. Coused trouble again. It could explode).

5. Printer aliminium case can be sharp . My hands were cut when changing some parts.

6. Dont rush

7. Dont rush

8. Dont rush

9 Sleep well
Re: First safety experiences of a newbee
March 27, 2018 06:20AM
Cats seem to like the heated bed... go figure...

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