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Dealing with emissions

Posted by AlexPl 
Dealing with emissions
April 08, 2020 07:36PM
I've been thinking of mitigating particles emissions while printing. Does one really need filtration, or if the box enclosure is tight enough air will not escape and particles will settle on the surface of the chamber once printing is done? Am i missing something here?

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Re: Dealing with emissions
April 09, 2020 05:40AM
I think i have answered part of my question. There are 2 known main emissions streams to be concerned with: particle emissions and VOC emissions. Airtight enclosure might keep particles in, and after the print is done they probably settle on the surfaces. However door opening most likely would agitate some of them. And VOCs being gasses will not settle and will mix with the air outside once the enclosure is opened. So seems like HEPA + carbon filter might be the way to go. It might be good idea not to exchange air with the room during print though,and recirculate air through the filters inside the enclosure? This way when the door is opened after the print the air inside should be clean.
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