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Hybrid Spectra + GT2 on CoreXY?

Posted by n.glasson 
Hybrid Spectra + GT2 on CoreXY?
November 25, 2014 08:36PM
I am curious to know if anyone has tried mixing belts and fishing line on a corexy system. I have seen examples of corexy done with spectra line and examples done with toothed belt. I believe there are advantages with either. It strikes me that it would be possible to have the best of both worlds by making half the length of each "belt loop" toothed belt - with the remainder being spectra line. Toothed belt gives a nice positive drive without slippage and without the issues associated with spectra line processing axially up and down the drive shaft. Spectra line for the balance of the "belt loop" would mean that idler pulleys can be smaller and cheaper and there are no concerns with either using toothed idler pulleys or living with the less-than-ideal situation of running the toothed side of belts over flat pulleys. Spectra line also opens up the prospect of designing the drive to transition to different planes - say if you want to try really tricky stuff like CoreXYZ, or if you want to make a very compact design and mount steppers below the base for example.

Anyone out there been this crazy?

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