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Not moving in negative direction..neither X nor Y

Posted by nipunsadvilkar 
Not moving in negative direction..neither X nor Y
April 10, 2015 03:26AM
I have built core XY assembly for XY pen plotter with GT2 20T pulley and its belt and solenoid to make pen up and down. i am using RAMPS1.4 and marlin firmware with repetier host to manually control and to send gcode files.i am having issue with manual control.i have attached solenoid to D9 port of ramps1.4board.

Its possible to move machine in positive direction only..for example when i give +10 for X or Y from manual control..it moves in that direction..but when i give -10 or any negative value to any axis..it just doesn't move.also when i use home button it doesnt come back to its homing position.why is it so?even when i load gcode file in repetier host and start print..solenoid goes down and RED LED glows on ramps board.is it any kind of indication?
Any problem in configuration file?

One more thing..
I haven't used endstos yet..will it create the problem?

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Re: Not moving in negative direction..neither X nor Y
April 11, 2015 01:51PM
It sounds like it thinks the min. Endstops are triggered.
Try inverting or un - inverting them in Marlin.
Try fitting the endstops and getting them working.
It may be something to do with stepper direction signal but that should work normally as default. I don't think that many people have trouble with that.


Edit: The red led on the Ramps board would be just a sign that an output is on - your solenoid probably. There's a led for each of 3 outputs.

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