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Autolevelling on Core XY machines?

Posted by David J 
Autolevelling on Core XY machines?
September 04, 2015 08:49AM
Do people do autolevelling on Core XY machines? Is it something that would be useful, or isn't it usually required?

I was just wondering if the bed could move up and down accurately without the effects of too much play.
Re: Autolevelling on Core XY machines?
September 05, 2015 08:53PM
Our printers are CoreXY and have auto levelling via a capacitive sensor. It's very useful, your object is always perpendicular to the real print surface. It takes three clicks to start printing (less if the temp is set in the code already). No callibration to make. Works great!
Re: Autolevelling on Core XY machines?
September 06, 2015 04:09PM
I had planed for it on mine, but never implemented it, as I found that the CoreXY is really stable and easy to calibrate. Run it to each of the four corners and see if the bed needs to go out or down. Do that. Done...

Still it is on my "nice to have" list because I should supposedly be able to get that last decimals alignment
Re: Autolevelling on Core XY machines?
September 07, 2015 08:07AM
If you have a removable platform, like the glass or mirror on which you print, then each time you put it back it could be out of alignment... Also if the machine is to be used by others, you eliminate the need to learn how to level the bed properly. If it's a sturdy frame and you are an expert user, you probably can do without it.

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