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Heated enclosure - What kind of heaters and power?

Posted by LarsK 
Re: Heated enclosure - What kind of heaters and power?
December 11, 2015 04:53PM
In my delta I used a cheap automotive heater ~100w, and a 120mm fan bolted to the celing of the printer for air mixing.

My heated chamber is controlled by a different controller.

I have to say a few things on the subject.

1 - Do not underestimate the amount of insulation you need in a 3d printer.
2 - make sure you move the air around to get even heat in the chamber. A top mixing fan is recommended.
3 - You do not need 70c temp to get good results. For me 40-50c seems to be plenty for my printer.
4 - After the print is done do not rapidly cool the printer, instead use a small suction fan to slowly cool the parts by evacuating fumes (hopefully you filter them via an activated carbon filter) this may take 10-15 minutes but its worth it, dont just open the door and let in 15c air into the chamber. The parts will come out in the 30-40c range out of the printer and they will not have much internal stress. With abs, to me it all seems to be about internal stress.

I have printed larger and cumbersome parts in the 300mm range with no warping at all.

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Re: Heated enclosure - What kind of heaters and power?
December 11, 2015 08:35PM
Here's the product page on the Stratasys heaters: [www.ccithermal.com]

They must have used a custom part because the exact model number is not listed. The model number on the heaters is: FS2001G102 and it is stamped 400W 120V.

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Re: Heated enclosure - What kind of heaters and power?
January 13, 2016 06:20AM
I'm using a 1000w hairdryer directed into my enclosure it has built in overheat protection and I can direct the incoming hot air to the base of the chamber just below the bed to minimise drafts on the part. A small 12v fan blows air downwards on a diagonal from the top of the chamber but I might replace that with a recirculating filtration system pulling air from the top of the chamber to the bottom, driven by the fan in the hair dryer.

I currently control it using a Chinese temperature controller but I would like to control it using the e1 output from the printer but using a conventional electrical power relay (not an ssr) with bang bang control.

It happily heats the chamber to 50 deg C even with ambient air temp of 5 deg C and cycles a bit less once the heatbed and extruder are heated too.
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