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advise on a new build

Posted by Gaou 
advise on a new build
July 03, 2016 10:48AM
Guys i kind of tired with my plastic repraps and i need advice on building a new machine. I am thinking of plywood or extruded aluminum ? With the plywood being so much easier as i am having access to a wood workshop what do you suggest.

If you do have a link for plans it would be very helpfull.

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Re: advise on a new build
July 03, 2016 01:25PM
You are in luck.

There is a CoreXY that is just that. It is the Smartcore by smartfriendz

Find info here:



Also see user J-Max who have a lot of experience with these and have shown some really nice prints made with it.
Re: advise on a new build
July 03, 2016 02:32PM
Do aluminum. I just finished assembling a frame of 2020 Misuimi and it's solid as a rock. I can send you the design if you want, but the printer isn't finished yet. Still waiting for parts.
Re: advise on a new build
July 16, 2016 04:56PM
Yeah I'd second that, a 2020 frame is far more rigid, easy to assemble and looks great as well as functioning great. I love the idea you can make a wooden box 3d printer but you can't get around the fact that aluminium is more rigid, doesn't change dimensions depending on the moisture content of the air around it and is reasonably affordable. The price of plywood near me is probably well above the cost of alu extrusions.

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