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Poor Man's Digital Dentist Core XY build

Posted by Qdeathstar 
Re: Poor Man's Digital Dentist Core XY build
April 04, 2018 08:54PM
This is genius! Thanks for sharing, I plan to completely copy your idea with the dB-25! I have been using an igus cable carrier but it’s a lot of extra weight and isn’t quite working as id like... also using long lengths of individual wires is pretty bulky.

Problem solved. On a side note I found a DB25 cable that has 4 20 gauge wires and the rest 24... so that is perfect for two hot end heaters!

Getting closer.

I got the hot end together. I ended up using a dB-25 connector, plenty of wires for the dual hotends, stepper motors, thermistors, fans, and proximity sensor. I haven’t fully tested if the cable can handle the current, but worst case they do sell 20awg db12 cables that are a little more expensive that should be capable for 60w at 12v.

A picture of what it looks like unpopulated...

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