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Help with cable chain for coreXY D-Bot

Posted by appjaws1 
Help with cable chain for coreXY D-Bot
September 22, 2017 04:21AM
I am converting my D-Bot and need to have a cable chains from the base to the print gantry and from the print head to the side upright so that it fits along side the 40mm extrusion.
I have tried various designs before and found them to be loose and/or sticking when used in the side on mode.
I notice that quite a few coreXY users have cable chains and was wondering if you could share your designs and experience.
Thank you

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appjaws - Core XYUV Duet Ethernet Duex5
firmware 3.1.1 Web Interface 3.1.1
Ormerod 1-converted to laser engraver, Duet wifi
OpenSCAD version 2020.07
slic3r-1.3.0, Simplify3D 4.1.2, Cura-4.4.1
Re: Help with cable chain for coreXY D-Bot
September 22, 2017 10:23AM
I've found that there is an enormous difference in quality between name-brand and chinese cable chain, so if your experiences are with ebay/aliexpress stuff maybe give Igus a try.

Plotters sometimes use a two bar linkage for cable management as well. You might be able to print something with a bearing for very low friction.

Re: Help with cable chain for coreXY D-Bot
October 02, 2017 04:50PM
Hi Paul,

I got mine from Ooznest [ooznest.co.uk]. I'm using 15 x 30 on it's side for the extruders/hot end and with 5 extruder motors and all the other gubbins, it's chock a block full of wires. After a couple of hundred hours or so, it's starting to sag a bit but not at all badly. I'd guess you'd have a few less wires than I have so you should be in a better position. I use a small size vertically for the bed and that's been fine. On the larger size, there are clips that open which makes getting cables through a lot easier. HTH


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