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Blackbox - Watercooler Toolchanger

Posted by mrc 
Blackbox - Watercooler Toolchanger
May 09, 2018 01:55PM
Hey guys,

i just want to show you what im working on since the last few years. The latest iteration contains a watercooled toolchanger, kind of a shared cooling concept and i would love to know what you think about that.
Im using this printer for my work as an industrial designer and i want to do experiments with mutlimaterial printing. I startet with a Kraken configuration but the leakage of the inactive extruder where too messy.

The tool is cooled passively by touching the waterblock on the X-Axis or the toolbank. The rest of the toolchange system is pretty standard, magnets in the waterblocks ensure a tight fit between the two anodised aluminium blocks.
I want to integrate the new updates this weekend so i got no video where you can see it in action (yet), but i will share them as soon as the rebuild is done!

You can see how the tool and the X-axis are interacting here:

From the top, well known change system:

The X-Axis is build around a customized Bondtech BMG (i took the gears and bearings) and optimized it for a short distance between the gears and the hotend.

Z-Axis is based on belts which get geared down by a belt/pulley reduction.

X-Axis is supported by a Hobbyking Carbon square rod. It´s surprisingly exact enough for that purpose.

Frame size

Print Volume

Ultratronics + Klipper

Leadshine DM422C

Bondtech BMG Extruder (redeisgned)

E3D Chimera style

Heater Block
Dice V2 Hotend

Cold end
Custom waterblock

Filafarm Switchplate

Gates GT3 2mm tooth offset, 9mm width

Smalltec MR 9M (similar to MGN9)

Smalltec MR 9W (similar to MGN9)

Belt driven with 1:10 reduction
Linear Rods 12mm

T-Slot 40x40, 20x20, 20x60

Lasercut Acryl

There is a detailed documentation on [hackaday.io] and you can download the source files (which i open source completely) on github [github.com]

I submitted the printer for the hackaday prize, if someone has an account and would like to support me I would be very happy to receive a like from you!

Im also open for collaborations!

i hope you enjoyed my post


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Re: Blackbox - Watercooler Toolchanger
May 09, 2018 05:13PM
Really interesting... What is the hotend you use (it seems really compact) ? And the second one is going to be bowden ?
Re: Blackbox - Watercooler Toolchanger
May 09, 2018 06:20PM
It´s the dice V2 Hotend, compatible with the E3D ecosystem but as you said really small.
The only shop i know which is selling this is [youprintin3d.de] and its made by the maker of the dice 3D printer.

Im really in love with it because it has no cables on the side so you can place the fans closer to the hotend.

You are right about your assumtion, there is one direct drive extruder and all the other tools are bowden driven by a "flying" (freely rotating) Bondtech BMG extruder.
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