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Blackbelt printers

Posted by xDVSx 
Blackbelt printers
June 09, 2018 06:44PM
Hi Everyone,

This is my first post here and im looking through this forum I can see people attempting their own versions of core xy printers but I'm struggling to find people that have or have access to a Blackbelt printer. I am lucky or unlucky enough to have access to 2 Blackbelts at my local Maker space and would like to get some info from others on their experiences and issues or any solutions to issues I'm having.

Issues like what angles they find better for different prints.
Overhangs and supports as Cura won't allow you to auto generate supports nor will it allow you to generate in another slicer then print using cura.
Has anyone been able to use another program other than cura.
Bed adheasion issues with PLA.

So if anyone has one and would like to discuss this and more please let me know as there is very little information on the Blackbelt out there so far.

Re: Blackbelt printers
June 22, 2018 03:12AM
whats the blackbelt version of cura like?

Was looking at a printrbelt and can't see why we couldn't use that version of Cura for it
Re: Blackbelt printers
June 23, 2018 02:01AM
I found it to be similar to normal cura but I cant generate supports or brims and seems to be lacking control of first layer speed, hight and temp. Im still struggling to find the right settings to get the perfect adhesion and chase my tail for half of the day just to get most prints to stick. For a machine that is built for commercial use It is not as reliable as it should be with most prints either failing or look shabby with loops from layer change of direction hanging out of edges of print.
Re: Blackbelt printers
July 12, 2018 08:30AM
I am currently building my own infinite Z axis printer with a 45 degree gantry.

My understanding of the theory behind this type of printer would lead me to prepare the model in my cad software.Only to use my slicer software for slicing and adding infill. Supports for the model with this style of printer should be checked after the model has been skewed and rotated. Most supports used with other printer types would not be needed for this style of printer. What you will need to check is bridging from the belt to the model (Y axis).

My planned work flow is create model, add supports, skew and rotate then export for slicing. Use standard slicer with no supports. When I get a moment I will upload some images of my test files.

Final word. Once you get your head round how/why the models are skewed and rotated, and its result on printing. It should help to deliver quality prints.

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Re: Blackbelt printers
July 13, 2018 11:39PM
I always thought the blackbelts looked cool. Not cool enough to spend 10k dollars on though. Lol. So what is the advantage of printing tilted like that?
Re: Blackbelt printers
July 14, 2018 12:36AM
From my understanding it reduces the need for supports and gives infinite Z axis printing. I can stack as many prints as I like and it just keeps spitting them out provided your getting good adhesion on all your prints.
As the printer is not mine im hesitant to spray hairspray or glue stick all over the carbon fiber belt.
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