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Noisy Diangonals

Posted by glennpierce 
Noisy Diangonals
March 23, 2019 06:45PM
So I have a d-bot and things were working ok but on homing x/y the final diagonal move to the centre sounds rough like a rubbing or vibration.
I thought this may have been the delrin wheels so I changed to cheep linear rails but the problem persists.

Movement in just the x direction is smooth as it is for Y. Only when moving diagonally is the noise/vibration there.

I started testing with diagonal moves in gcode like

G1 X100.0Y100.0 F7800 which also produces the problem.

G1 X100.0Y100.0 F7000 is fine though. so it is dependent of the acceleration.

Does anyone know what this problem could be ?

Hard to pin point where the noise is coming from.

I am using tsc2100 stepper drivers. Although my old A4988 drivers were the same.


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Re: Noisy Diangonals
March 23, 2019 09:14PM
It "sounds" like mechanical resonance.

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Re: Noisy Diangonals
March 24, 2019 04:16AM
Yeah. I get I should try an even higher acceleration to see if I can get past the resonant frequency,
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