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Part cooling fan off the extruder

Posted by Ernest1122 
Part cooling fan off the extruder
June 09, 2019 10:17AM
Hi makers,

Update you the result of placing a large part-cooling fan at the corner, and answer my own question in this thread.

- A 12cm 24V 3.5W fan is way more than enough for 3d printing. Usually run 50%~70% speed for PLA and ABS.
- Simpler design, less weight, and less moving parts at the extruder
- Faster printing speed.

Less air flow at the opposite direction might result in hanging problem at critical angle. This can be solved simply and cost effectively by adding another fan at the opposite corner.

Besides, with a small fan and air conduct configuration, although it works, I wonder how much portion of air is blowed through the funnel conduct since a small fan creates too little air pressure. I can feel even more air flowing "out" at the back side where the air should be sucked in.

Result of printing PLA at @ 200mm/s inner wall, 100mm/s outer wall

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