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"Clamp manual moves" option

Posted by cdaileyjr 
"Clamp manual moves" option
July 29, 2019 12:45PM
Hello Friends,

I wonder if anyone has encountered this error message ""Clamp manual moves" option)" from Pronterface while attempting to move along the X, Y, and X axis?

I just finished my 3D Printer and am already to print something. You guys helped me out considerably and I'm hoping I'm not the first encountering this problem.

When I get this error along a particular axis the printer will not move, but instead give this message. The entire machine does'nt freez up but can't move along the axis direction commanded.

Can I deselect this option?


Calvin Dailey
Re: "Clamp manual moves" option
August 16, 2019 04:42AM
nope... never seen it before but...

The word clamp is not in the marlin firmware, anywhere but it is in the pronterface code.

Reading the code It happens when you try and move X,Y or Z outside of the defined area of the printer
Check your Width, Depth and Height dimensions in your pronterface settings match your printer

Also you need to home each axis at the start of print to reset the axis 0 positions to their correct place. If you don't do this the power on position is set to 0.
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