KEEVO (my second design)
February 01, 2020 05:26PM
Hello everyone,

I would like to show you my second design and possibly get some constructive feedback of course! :-)
I have posted it on thingiverse -> [] .
This was my first design which was an HBOT by the way -> [] .

Let me know what you think :-)

(PS1: KEEVO = Cube in Greek)
(PS2: I am a maker, not a pro)

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Re: KEEVO (my second design)
February 19, 2020 06:43PM
I made a turntable gif, so... smiling smiley

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Re: KEEVO (my second design)
February 20, 2020 12:04AM
I think I'm going to be sick! It won't stop turning!

Interesting arrangement for the Z axis screws and guides. Does it work? I would have put the guides close to the screws at the front and let the rear screw stand alone.
Do the motor mounts flex under the belt tension?
Do the covers on the hot-end carriage come off easily? I have always avoided those types of covers because the hot-end usually requires more maintenance than the rest of the printer, and having to remove a bunch of covers to get at it can be bothersome.

Ultra MegaMax Dominator 3D printer: []
Re: KEEVO (my second design)
February 21, 2020 01:44PM

Haha, yeah it won't stop smiling smiley

I have already moved the guides to the sides to further constraint the bed rotation wise. It did help ever so slightly, yes. The z axis generally works great so far in both arrangements.
The motor mounts are printed with a heavy infill. I can flex them a little by strong hand force, but they dont with the belt tension. There might still be some unnoticeable and undesired flex there though. I will take a look at that.
The hotend cover with all 3 fans is basically one piece and mounts with 4 bolts. So it's 4 bolts to access the (still mounted) hotend. It was one of my considerations. I wish they were 0 bolts of course (magnets?) smiling smiley

Thanks for your comments!
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