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Bed probe bias along X axis.

Posted by cleo 
Bed probe bias along X axis.
January 03, 2021 10:55PM
I am working on a new Ender 6 CoreXY printer, to which I've made the common BLTouch modification. This uses factory-provided wiring and a mount point inside the fan shroud. Unfortunately, I have a consistent 0.05-0.07 mm bias between the ends of the X axis, which effectively nullifies any autoleveling done with the probe. There is a very clear difference in first layer quality and it gradually worsens along the +X direction, so the nozzle isn't shifting up by a comparable amount the probe moves down as I might expect if the toolhead was pivoting on its Y axis.

Throughout trying to trace this, I've isolated any vibration or cable drag by removing all hotend and fan wiring, leaving only the probe, bare heatblock, and X+ endstop .This had no effect. I've also tightened up the rollers on the X axis and tried a different probe, as well. With the tight fit preventing me from wobbling the toolhead rotationally it's not clear to me what else could be systematically shifting the probe trigger point from left to right but not correspondingly move the nozzle along with it. What else could affect this? Thanks.

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Re: Bed probe bias along X axis.
January 06, 2021 12:21AM
After more testing it seems it might have something to do with the fan shroud mounting location. Probing with the BLTouch temporarily zip-tied to the nozzle showed no bias. I wonder if somehow the fan shroud is warping or shifting in a specific way. The shroud is well tightened down, so it's not a simple matter of it shifting by being loose
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