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New printer Core YZ?

Posted by rototype 
New printer Core YZ?
November 28, 2021 01:22PM

Background: I'm building a new printer from a cartesian robot that work were disposing of (obsolete tech for them) and to make things easier I've swapped the original Y and Z steppers to make the mechanics easier. I'm also using a Makerbase MKS Gen 2.1 motherboard (I have some stepper drivers from another project that I can use for now) and there's a set of steppers and optical end stops that came with the cartesian frame. The heated bed is going to be a 220V 500W model under a 5mm thick aluminium plate (from another salvage job). Hopefully I should get good thermal stability.

The main cartesian frame has a carriage (running on the X axis) holding the steppers for the Y and Z axis, the Z axis carriage runs on slide bars including a hexagonal bar that drove the original up/down movement (This had a lot of backlash in it and the shape/envelope isn't suitable for a printer) - my proposal is to swap the hexagon bar for a leadscrew attached to the Z stepper and drive the Y axis. The original Y axis drive was another stepper with a belt drive attached to the Z carriage. If I recreate the Z carriage with a vertical leadscrew for the Z axis driven by the Y stepper belt drive this then simplifies the Z carriage construction.

Picture of layout attached.

My question is this: Is this a Core YZ printer and will it run from the CoreYZ (or Core ZY) setting in the Marlin firmware and will I need to make any other modifications to get it to run?

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