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Reverse Stereolithography Production

Posted by djmad 
Reverse Stereolithography Production
November 22, 2011 08:17PM
after seeing a video about a reverse Production prozess i did some scratches to build a new kind of 3d-Printer

The Idea:
Stereolithography like in [www.youtube.com]
but the direction is reversed, i want to produce from the top to the bottom(the item is pulled up while producing), so i can produce without flattening the fluid after each layer

3 Layer Underground (which is a fluid container)
from top to bottom:
1. The bed is filled with a UVstabilizing Polymere
2. Unter this there is a translusent Fluid which is heavier than the Polymere and does not mix up with it
3. Than comes optical grade laser Glass.

some air :-)

5. high speed shutter and 2 dlp-optics for laser allocating (x-y)
6. Laser (always on is the best option i think)

The key is in the fluid below the UV-Polymere somehow it must be like quicksilver drops with a very high surface tension, but translucent.
may someone chemicalguy/woman :-) can help me out here

in the case everything chemical things are cleared out, i will begin in 3d-constructing such a 3d printer with standard rep rap parts, so its easy to rebuild without doing everything new.

greets djmad
Re: Reverse Stereolithography Production
November 22, 2011 08:25PM
open | download - 3d Printer Design.pdf (69.6 KB)
Re: Reverse Stereolithography Production
November 23, 2011 06:13AM
Quite possible. If you exchange this heavy fluid with something more rigid, like silicone, and the laser thing with a projector, you get about this: [www.youtube.com]

As with all Stereolithography variants, creation of this thin film for the next layer is crucial. If you get this right, you'll have success.

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Re: Reverse Stereolithography Production
November 23, 2011 07:43AM
Thx silicon is a good idea

thinking about moving the polimermedia all the time is good to get constant results
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