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RepRap counter

Posted by ErikDeBruijn 
RepRap counter
April 08, 2008 08:53AM

I'm thinking of creating a "43th Registered RepRapper" (for example) icon system such as linux has: [counter.li.org]

I've worked with GD in PHP (graphics library) and could set up counter.reprap.org to get an official count of the amount of RepRappers + amount of RepRaps in existence?

We could distinguish between RepRap user and developer and allow people to change their settings, amount of Darwins and gain 'stars' for the amount of Darwin parts created for others?! People could choose whether to include a simple or elaborate button (in their signature, for example) and we would have a measure of RepRap's growth in terms of users and machines and their status. I, for one expect the number 7 to be off, but I cannot really base this 'gut feeling' on actual data (except perhaps the world map). I' d love to see what the growth curve would look like... The world map could also be included on the stats.reprap.org / counter.reprap.org site.

RepRap version/type could be another thing in the icon (e.g. "Darwin 1.0").

Amount of objects designed (a designer status?) could also be something to gain credit for... (perhaps with popularity/quality ratings). Actually I'm thinking of an (RepRappable) object database, complete with build instructions (wiki part). I'd make it database oriented and perhaps write some systems that can create views/thumbnails from 3D models automatically (easy publishing of 3D parts), with search and (part) reuse options (derived objects/projects could credit the original author )... But that's a large project and I guess I'll start with this first.

If we agree that this is a nice idea, I'll start working on it. If so, can someone point the A records of counter.reprap.org to (Adrian)? I've got a new server (VPS) ready dedicated to the RepRap project.

Please let me know what ideas you (dis)like and what other ideas you have!


Erik de Bruijn
Re: RepRap counter
April 09, 2008 02:07PM
thats a great idea!

i added the DNS record. good luck with this, and i hope you come up with something cool.

if you want to use subversion to store your code we have trunk/reprap/web setup for some of the other websites (like the part lister.)

good luck, and keep us posted =)
Re: RepRap counter
April 10, 2008 05:59AM

I created these icons.

And more elaborate version:

Or if your working on a newer version:

I have no idea yet how well I can make this dynamic yet... but I'll have a go at scripting the contents of these pictures soon.

Please tell me how you like 'em best!


Erik de Bruijn
Re: RepRap counter
April 14, 2008 01:14AM
pretty sweet. I have no opinion on which is best however. Good work.

Re: RepRap counter
April 14, 2008 02:39AM
They're all slick, but the black one is particularly prominent. Looks like the *something* is going on at the counter subdomain... keep it up winking smiley
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