Wade's extruder idle roller clearance.
December 17, 2011 05:54AM

I'm (re)drawing a Geared Wade's Extruder for a strap .

Using 3mm filament,
What clearance must be previous between extruder block and idle roller block for adjustment (dealing with hobbed bold wear and filament elasticity ) ?

What is the Wade's design space between extruder body and roller block ?

For the moment, I'm thinking to provide 1 mm for wear of the bold and hesitating between 1 or 2 additional mm for elasticity of the wire.

Are filaments (diameter 3 mm) HDPE, PLA, ABS sufficiently elastic to be significantly deformed during passage through the extruder (penetration of the teeth and flattening from the roller)?


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Re: Wade's extruder idle roller clearance.
December 18, 2011 02:37AM
I set it up so that the idler bearing can more or less touch the un-hobbed bolt. That way, it will work with any size filament and depth of hobbing, as long as the hobbling isn't deeper than the filament is wide.

It does create a problem though; it's hard to load a new filament if the idler block has to move a large (2 mm or so) distance to load fresh filament. Adding a couple washers between the idler block and the main block, on the 4 idler block bolts, will cut the travel down and make loading filament easier. If your printer or craftsmanship is up to it, you can leave less room for error, but my experience has been that healthy error margins are good.

Re: Wade's extruder idle roller clearance.
December 18, 2011 04:45PM
Thanks Wade,

I'm going to follow the same way with the roller allowed to reach the bolt => 3+ mm stroke
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