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ABS on Glass with abs juice

Posted by Snaka 
Re: ABS on Glass with abs juice
January 21, 2014 03:51PM
I have been looking for a solution to ABS peeling for a while. Frankly the best solution I found to relieve stress was to switch PLA. PLA on glass with a light coating of hairspray and the bed heated to 70C has been failsafe for me. I get 100% hold rates even for tall parts with small surface areas.

Then I found out purely by accidental laziness and oversight that parts stick to the same place over and over again without cleaning off the hairspray and reapplying.

Take a look at the pictures in my post, this print was on top of old hairspray. [nickinor.blogspot.com]

At this point I have given up on ABS. Although I am encouraged by some of the posts that say ABS juice works well but the effort of having to reapply it, get the mixture just right and worry about the possibility of breaking glass, I think I will skip it. Hopefully I can find someone to buy my spools of ABS.
Re: ABS on Glass with abs juice
January 21, 2014 04:59PM
Try this for ABS printing:

- Glass bed with glue stick applied in a smooth layer (Elmer's, UHU, etc... ) You should apply a few layers and allow the glue to dry for about 1 minute in between layers.
- First layer bed temp: 120C
- Other layers: 90C
- No brim required and I get no warping with ABS smiling smiley

PS: I also wrap my printer in a clear garbage bag to increase the chamber temp. It helps a little.

Re: ABS on Glass with abs juice
January 25, 2014 01:40PM
I have been using concentrated ABS juice on Kapton tape at 110 deg C.
I have just tried dilute ABS juice as suggested. First impressions are it works better.
Re: ABS on Glass with abs juice
October 05, 2014 10:59AM
So far my experinces with ABS juice has been the following:

With the white natural ABS supplied by Ultimaker, it dissolves nicely but I got very bad air bubbles once the glass heated up on UM2. Tried 90C and 100C. Doesnt work. I cleaned the glass with Acetone prior to applying. The white ABS behaves very differently

Black ABS that I got doesnt dissolve in Acetone! It only softens and forms terrible blobs. Apparently it has some secret additives in it. Also black ABS gears on extruder degraded after 20h of printing.

Orange ABS worked absolutely perfectly, I used a rather thick - like runny honey - solution and it printed just fine at 90 C and wasnt dependant on the layer thickness at all.

Juice doesnt stay on glass below 90 C. 70 C doesnt work, tested.

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Re: ABS on Glass with abs juice
October 05, 2014 03:06PM
I have given up using black ABS. It is full of all sorts of Cr#p.

You need to use the ABS juice on top of Kapton tape. Not sure if you are doing that. I apply the juice with a paint brush as the bed is heating up - round about 90 deg C. I find more diluted juice seems to work better, at say 50% of saturation.

Sometimes I can't get the print off the bed, if the base of the print covers a big area. It needs to really cool off or put it in the fridge.
Re: ABS on Glass with abs juice
October 15, 2014 08:51AM
The best method I found is hairspray. I print 4 - 5 times on the same spot, wash the glass with soap & water, re-apply and print.
Now, you get hairspray and you get hairspray... Don't try your wife's 'Normal Hold', you should get something that is leaning towards 'Extra'- or 'Extreme' Hold, that works best.
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