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Introducing the "Reality 3D" printer!

Posted by aakash.ece 
Introducing the "Reality 3D" printer!
March 17, 2012 10:34AM
Hi friends, enthusiastically sharing this post:


We're just about to launch this fully made-for-enthusiasts 3D printer, and invite you to take a look!

Looking forward to hear from you!

+91 9929904445
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Re: Introducing the "Reality 3D" printer!
March 19, 2012 04:19AM
You should really post a price, it shouldn't be a "secret" or something you need to make a phone call to get

Other then that, welcome aboard
Re: Introducing the "Reality 3D" printer!
March 19, 2012 04:54AM
Hi Asger, thanks for your welcome note!

We can't announce the pre-launch price on a public forum, because that's for the special first customers. It won't hold for too long, and Its only possible for us to offer it on a case-to-case basis. As you see, we're still working on the marketing etc (the site is not up yet!), and the "special" price is a way to say thanks for people who trusted us at this nascent stage!

Hope you'll understand. Thanks for your support!
Extruder is direct drive yet accepts 3mm filament? Please share test results that back up this claim.
Re: Introducing the "Reality 3D" printer!
March 19, 2012 02:38PM
Open source software – means huge support base available on the Internet
I guess that means you won't be providing support?

Re: Introducing the "Reality 3D" printer!
March 19, 2012 03:54PM
wow... way to say hello. why is there so much animosity from (certain) people any time anyone tries to sell anything around here? don't you all appreciate what they do? it's not like you are all out there grinding out smooth rod in your garage. no need to jump down the guy's throat for trying to start something that will ultimately benefit the entire community.

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Re: Introducing the "Reality 3D" printer!
March 19, 2012 04:51PM
Forgive me for being skeptical when very little information is given about an advertisement posted in the general forum. As of now I don't even see a mention as to of the printer being open source (only a few of the components it uses?) I will praise them when they contribute, but so far they have used the general section as free advertising. There is a for sale forum for that.

If there is some link to files or information about how to recreate said printer, I will promptly become more friendly winking smiley

Re: Introducing the "Reality 3D" printer!
March 20, 2012 10:30AM
Hey PastaRocket848, thanks a million for that smiling smiley !

Hi Andrew,
you see, we are your regular reprap enthusiasts, learning all this selling stuff. Let's see how it goes smiling smiley
Btw the work at fablicator you did seems good. Frame looks sturdy. Will love to see how it goes for you.

Crispy: in this video it might be apparent that we're using a 3 mm filament. (we just tried a direct drive extruder, and it (eventually) worked for us). Though we're using our Nema17 stepper at almost its maximum current (1.7A). Now working smooth. Why, is it out of place to do that normally? We thought 3mm/1.75mm should just impact the flowrate, and nothing else. And that's how it seems to be behaving like.


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Re: Introducing the "Reality 3D" printer!
March 20, 2012 11:15AM
You need 3 times the torque to extrude 3mm filament compared to 1.75mm, all other things being equal. And you need 3 times the resolution for the same degree of control over the filament.

Re: Introducing the "Reality 3D" printer!
April 21, 2012 01:08AM
hmm... Thanks for the figures nophead!

And that means good news! if it can do 3mm filament, it can do 1.75 with 60% less current!
Will soon do some experiments with 1.75mm filament, and extruder threshold drive currents, and revert.

Meanwhile, we've been updating the blog regularly. Comments welcome!
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