Awatiting shipment of my RapidBot to Miami, FL... a few quesionts
July 23, 2012 11:18AM
Hello fellow reprappers...
I've been following these personal 3D printers for a while.. just waiting for the right time to get in...
I am an Engineer, but I don't have alot of spare time on my hands... so I wanted something I could put together but wouldn't require extensive tweaking in the begining (though love the fact that with RepRap you can always expand later).
After reviewing ALL the different options on the market and weighing in on the various price points and lead times (I believe my first choice would've been printrbot but didn't want to wait fo long!) I stumbled upon a Rapidbot on ebay that I've purchased in a semi-assembled state and which is missing some parts... hopefully not too many.
Does anyone know anything about the Rapidbot (
What type of electronics does it use (Ramps, Sanguinololu)?
What type of extruder?
What are your opinions of it for a low cost, easy to build starting printer?
I'm sure I'll have alot of questions during the build and calibration... I'll make sure to post some pics...

Thanks in advance....

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Re: Awatiting shipment of my RapidBot to Miami, FL... a few quesionts
September 27, 2012 10:23AM
did you got your printer, did you finish your project, im in miami, near to doral, i want to start a miami group, to develop and research and learn ?

If your intrested let know,

Hector Marquez
Production/Gral Manager

Akai Tech Corp
Miami, FL 33166

We are computer Wholeseller of used and refurbish Computer, Notebooks and LCD Monitors
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