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repstrap with aluminum parts??

Posted by brucew 
repstrap with aluminum parts??
April 30, 2007 08:34AM
I think Zach has something with using aluminum to build some parts?

I have been using MDF but I found it breaks apart? it works for some parts but things like corner brackets it does not work to well. so I am thinking on using aluminum for the things that can break and need to be tapped, like corner brackets. I have found fasten all Here in the USA has aluminum for around $1 to $2 an inch since most of the parts are small it might not be to much.

Re: repstrap with aluminum parts??
April 30, 2007 10:16AM
i know there was a post on here a little while ago about someone using aluminum on their repstrap. i cant remember who though. argh.

i'm going to begin construction on my repstrap here next week. i plan on using MDF panels for the structure, and copy the xyz stuff from darwin. i'll probably substitute wood and CAPA for most things. i recruited a friend whose good with woodworking, so hopefully we'll get a very nice box setup for the machine.

i'll try and post my plans for it later.
Re: repstrap with aluminum parts??
April 30, 2007 11:27AM
Hi Mike,

I used some aluminium for my repstrap construction. The corner brackets are made out of hardwood, and that does now seem to work. Used some ordinary wood screws to fixate the horizontal rods.
I made the Carriage out of 9mm birch multiplex with bronze/brass bearings from an old scanner. The idler bracket and motor bracket are made out of rectangular alumium tubes, 2mm thickness, measuring 20mm x 40 mm. The constraint bracket and diagonal tie brackets are made out of aluminium square tube, 1 mm thickness. For all the alu parts I drilled and tapped M5 holes, according to or approximating the darwin design, or used 6mm holes and M5 caps and nuts. Also the bearing brackets are made of this same alu tube with an M5 to fix the diagonal studs.
A few tricky parts remain: the motor mounting for Y and Z, finishing the motor mounting for X. All of the Z and table related parts are made of 19mm triplex. If you need any hints, please let me know.

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