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Were it all begins

Posted by s.starbuck 
Were it all begins
August 10, 2008 05:21PM
A big hello to everyone out there!
My name is Stewart, and I found out about RepRap a few days ago, and since then have found myself take a keen interest in the project.

A quick introduction about myself to begin.
I have been a supporter of free (as in freedom) projects for a long time now, and am a member of both the FSF and FSFE. (I'm in the UK.) I have also been following the progress of the Open Graphics Project for a while. (It was actually while checking up on the progress of that that I came about first Fab@home, then RepRap.) After simply reading the home page of this project I knew I was going to end up getting sucked in deeper, and indeed here I now am.
I have also over the years played around with some (simple) electronics, mainly with B.E.A.M. robots. Before that I used to (and still do) spend hours building machines out of Lego.

Now getting onto RepRap. I think this is a great idea. I've never been a fan of the ultra-capitalistic world we currently live in, and I would love to see a project such as this help make some sort of stance again it.

Now what do I plan to do with this interest I have found in RepRap? Well, I'm going to set about building myself one of course!

I'm currently finishing off another project (A computer case made from an aluminium flight case, with the monitor inside it), but once that is complete I plan on putting all my spare time towards getting a working RepRap. Now I make no claims to be an expert in the skills needed to build one - indeed, I'm quite a novice when it comes to such things. But from what I have read so far it looks like you are quite a helpful community, so I'm hoping that with your help I should be able to get there.

Here's to a free future!
Re: Were it all begins
August 10, 2008 06:43PM
Hi Stewart, good to have you here.

Let me assure you; yes it is a fantastic community here, with helpful people all around.
I didn't get too far with my project yet, but I do know, that I can count on some help if I get stuck in any metaphysical way winking smiley
And I would bet in any other way too.

So, get yourself comfortable around here;
I'm sure you'll like it

Re: Were it all begins
August 11, 2008 05:47PM
Thanks for the welcome sid!

I'm nearly finished with my case now, so I should be able to start work on the RepRap some time next week. From having a read through the site and forums I've decided to start with a McWire Cartesian Bot, using the parts from the RRRF store, and the extruder from BfB. If I manage to get that working I'll then go from there are getting the Dawin.

I plan to keep a blog updated about how it goes, which will end up here: [theownerfreelibrary.org] (currently empty.)

Also, please forgive me in advance - as I said in my first post I know I'm going to run into problems along the way, and ask some questions that have been asked thousands of times before, but then I guess everyone has to start from somewhere!
Re: Were it all begins
August 11, 2008 07:53PM
looking fwd to reading about your progress smiling smiley
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