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Done Building my Prusa Mendel, Whats next?

Posted by aduy 
Done Building my Prusa Mendel, Whats next?
September 26, 2012 02:52AM
I have finished assembling my Prusa mendel, minus a glass plate and the opto flags. Just for reference i have the prusa mendel i2, ramps 1.4, im using igus 8mm linear bearings, i have 3 opto endstops, an atx 500w power supply( i have hooked up the 5vsb, ps_on/off, and 5v lines), a PCB Heatbed MK2, gt2 belts, with 16 tooth 2mm pitch pulleys(although i also have the 20 tooth pulleys from ultimachine), and a reprapdiscount smart controller.

The build instructions dont really explain what to do after i have built it. But i do know that i will have to change some of the code to be compatible with my machine, like the steps per mm and for the lcd controller, thermistors, and opto endstops, and other things.

The lcd screen i have is only compatible with the marlin firmware, and i have already started to modify the code to work, and i uploaded it to my machine and it works other than the lcd reads the extruder tempurature as 474C, and the buzzer is constantly going off. basically im going to start from scratch again though.

Anyways if you guys could help guide me through the firmware installation process and calibration process, thanks.

also heres a picture, i wrapped all of the wires up using some plastic spiral things.

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Re: Done Building my Prusa Mendel, Whats next?
September 26, 2012 05:52AM
for calibration there is a page on the wiki - search for calibration
for firmware there are a number of wiki pages depending on what you're using (marlin/sprinter?)
Re: Done Building my Prusa Mendel, Whats next?
September 27, 2012 12:22AM
yeah basically i did that and i get nothing, other than i have successfully uploaded the marlin firmware to my arduino.

edit: ok i figured out what was going on, the ps-on wire and the 5v wire were switched, i had just plugged the 3 pin plug in the wrong way, then i loaded the test program and it still wasnt working, so i tied the ps-on wire to ground and then all of the motors started moving.

now i just need to figure out how to configure the opto endstops in marlin, and then the lcd controller.

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