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Edinburgh based reprap?

Posted by treeless 
Edinburgh based reprap?
September 30, 2012 10:21AM
I was wondering if there was anyone in the Edinburgh area with a working reprap who'd be interested in /able to make a couple of small plastic parts? I need a couple to fix things at home, but I can't get hold of them ready made either because they don't exist or I don't know how to specify to search for them. I was hoping to try and make my own mold and form from recycled plastic however I have been unsuccessful in creating the mold and also suspect the recycled thermoplastic would not be rigid enough. I suspect the parts (a small gear and maybe it could be described as some sort of a bearing) are in nylon.

It seems like 3d printing could be the solution - although there appear to be commercial outfits I could go to in England or Holland, I thought it'd be more fun/interesting to find someone locally who'd rigged up there own system and maybe learn more about the whole 3d printing thing.

Thanks smiling smiley
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