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Help Choosing Motors

Posted by Dannyeb 
Help Choosing Motors
November 27, 2012 05:56AM
Hi Guys,

I'm new here and have just started sourcing parts for my first Rep-Rap. I'M planning on building a Prusa. Any way I'have picked most of the parts out and I'm trying to find a good cheap set of motors. I live in Ireland so it's usually the postage that kills me. I have found these ones Link - Model no. PHB42S40-402 . From what I've read so far I think they will work, however I can't find any information on anyone using this model for a Rep-Rap before. Any advice or recommendations would be a great help.


Re: Help Choosing Motors
November 28, 2012 09:53AM
These are always the motors I sugjest in the IRC


Hard to beat the price, quality, and delivery time.

Re: Help Choosing Motors
November 30, 2012 05:07AM
They look great thanks. I might just go with these unless anyone has any other suggestions or comments.
Re: Help Choosing Motors
December 02, 2012 06:17AM
errm i paid some attention to the torque they give.
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