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I think I broke it?!

Posted by [email protected] 
I think I broke it?!
February 08, 2013 02:11PM
I set up my reprap, got it printing ok (still working on calibrating), so I set up a print, started it, and while the bed was warming up, I checked my email. then a few other things... after a while, i noticed it wasn't printing, so I checked, and noticed the thermosistor had come out from under the table, and was still reading 20c, measured the temp of the hot bed and it was like 125c. so I slid the thermosistor back under the bed, and my computer reset. now I can't connect to my printer anymore, and (I've never checked before, but i did now) the sanguino gets very hot (my infrared thermometer says 73c, which is still within the ATMEGA644P-20PU's temperature range).

When I try to connect, the first time it connected then reconnected, then reconnected like 5 times (having only clicked connected once) then the next time it took some time to connect, now, the computer still will recognize it when I plug it in, (the FT232R URT device anyway), pronterface says 'connecting.....' then 'M105' then that's the last I see. if I try to send anything to it, it says printer off line.

I unplugged the bed, I unplugged the sensor, still nothing, I even unplugged the hotend and sensor... still nothing.. chip still gets hot.....

Did I mess up my chip? I can't connect to it regardless of whether the external powersupply is on or not. (Though the chip doesn't seem to get as hot with the external powersupply off....?)
Re: I think I broke it?!
February 08, 2013 03:39PM
You slid the thermistor back into place and your PC shut down? Odd. Hopefully you didn't short out the thermistor pin...

Just to be sure,

Remove external power from the sanguinololu.
Unplug the USB.
Plug everything back up the way it should be, except USB and external power.
Go get a coffee. I find that a break can be helpful.
Double check your work.
Power the board back up.
Plug in the USB.
Try to connect with Pronterface.

If that doesn't work it's time to break out the multimeter and schematic. If the board checks out OK (it probably will) you may have killed the chip. Not the end of the world. If you're handy you should be able to get a blank chip from mouser or newark, bootload it and get sprinter back on it. Otherwise you'll have to buy a bootloaded chip.

- akhlut

Just remember - Iterate, Iterate, Iterate!

Re: I think I broke it?!
February 08, 2013 06:13PM
what would I check on the board(The board DID work before this.. is it possible I burned one of the mosfets?) ?? If i get a new chip, can I bootload it myself with just the arduino software and the sanguino board?
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