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Creative Machines J-head hot-ends

Posted by dslc 
Creative Machines J-head hot-ends
February 12, 2013 08:13AM
After being burnt by cowboy e-bay retailers I am searching for a J-head hot-end that is properly built and does what it's meant to do.

I note that reifsnyderb has given good feedback on the J-heads built by Creative machines ( [jheadnozzle.blogspot.ie] ) - which obviously is a good sign. Before spending any more money, though, I was just wondering if anyone has feedback on - e.g. - a few weeks of use.

In particular, I need a 1.75mm version that is compatible with a Rostock bowden cable setup.

Any feedback is appreciated.


P.S. I have ordered from hotends.com (the original designer) in the past - and naturally that hot-end worked as expected - but would prefer to order from someone on this side of the Atlantic in this instance - if possible (a little bit under pressure time-wise).

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