Re: problem with x idler bracket
February 13, 2009 03:14AM
I agree it is expensive compared to US prices, but we are trying to develop a UK/European supply for all polymers ABS, PLA, PCL + other interesting stuff and of course all the usual ones. While the volume is low the price is high but they are the only people who I could find that are prepared to work with us on this across a range of polymers at low volume, as volume increases we should see real price reductions. Our target is to get to £20.00/kg but we will need bigger batch sizes for each polymer/ colour. That soon adds up to a lot of tonnes!

Re: problem with x idler bracket
February 13, 2009 09:03AM
Sorry for asking Ian,
but doesn't it make sense to buy more ABS and more HDPE (or LDPE) instead of buying some ABS some HDPE some LDPE some PP and some whatever?
You'll know better, but I think most people buy ABS and some buy PE and most will buy white, so I see no big reason for a wide range of different materials and colours.
That way you'll have a reasonable price for a lower range of filament.

Or am I wrong?

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