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Opto EndStop

Posted by Arthur 
Opto EndStop
November 30, 2008 11:41PM
Which is the "min" opto endstop, and which is the "max" opto endstop? In other words, which opto endstop cable plugs into the "min" and "max" headers in the stepper-motor boards.

Does that make sense?

When facing the McWire, you have the 3-axis coordinate:
X-axis: left, right
Y-axis: bottom, top
Z-axis: bottom, top

Thanks for any help.

Re: Opto EndStop
December 01, 2008 12:13AM
min is the home position...the one closest to the stepper motor for that axis...you home the stage and the platform should approach the stepper. The max isn't really used but would be the furthest away from the stepper the stage can get.

Re: Opto EndStop
December 01, 2008 01:56AM
Thanks Demented -- sounds obvious now that you put it that way smiling smiley
Re: Opto EndStop
December 04, 2008 02:13PM
Be careful and check the polarity of your wires at both ends. I wired up the plugs backwards and swapped the 5v/ground polarity.

Luckily, I was lazy and had only wired up the 3 min boards. This meant that after a few days of testing, wondering why the 'home' function wasn't working, they permanently reported closed (I think they're blown).

Because I had only used 3 (min stops), I had three spare. After replacing them, everything worked *much* better and the home function worked properly.

Re: Opto EndStop
December 04, 2008 02:27PM
hehe, did the same thing myself but only with one of the boards...got smart that time and tested before moving on...that's the value of testing!

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