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joining T2.5 belts?

Posted by marlaur 
joining T2.5 belts?
March 11, 2013 04:18PM

Is it anyway possible to join/weld T2.5 belts?

I can't really find any information about this - does anyone know?
Re: joining T2.5 belts?
March 11, 2013 05:00PM
Almost anything *can be done. But with incumbent accuracy and durability? Probably more work than finding a supplier that will sell the length you need.
Re: joining T2.5 belts?
March 15, 2013 06:17PM
very easy if you do it in a place that dont have to clear any pulley or idler on the full stroke, very difficult otherwise.

To join 2 belts simply cut a seven teeths strip reversed and use 2 electrical cable ties to attach on each belt, just insuring that play at teeths is taken out.

If you have to clear a pulley, you cannot do that, and while there is methods for bigger belts, they are not possible on such a small one.
Re: joining T2.5 belts?
March 18, 2013 05:48AM
If you need a continuous belt you could glue two equal length belts back to back (toothed sides out), such that the end of one belt lies half way along the other. Then you bend it round into a continuous loop and glue the other half of the belts together. This way you won't get a sudden discontinuity at the join - it will make the belt less flexible, but you could use something thin and flexible instead of a second belt.
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