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Difficult luminous PLA

Posted by spezzer 
Difficult luminous PLA
June 02, 2013 08:17AM
I've got a spool of luminmous blue pla that just will not behave. The first layer will just not stick. I have fewer problems with white so it's probably the standard of the material but would like to get it working if only to print a tardis!
My setup on Reprap Mendel (single colour) is:-
Software - Slic3r / Pronterface
Firmware - Marlin / Latest
Hotend - 0.5mm
Filament - 1.75mm pla
Bed - 85c on glass - Ive tried turning up to 90c (dont plan to use tape or hairspray)
Bed cleaner - sainsbury's glass cleaner with vinegar (works fine with white pla before you diss it!)
Hotend - 200c start - I've tried 180c to 220c in increments of 5c but it boils above 205c.
Slic3r Feed Rate - tried 1.0, 1.05, 1.1

I will post pics of the mess it makes but basically it goes to start point and starts the skirt. It takes a few seconds to start coming out the hotend, but when it does, it seems to curl and stick to the head. This isnt too big and issue and can nudge the stray filament to one side. When it comes to the end of the skirt it always leaves filament between the end of the skirt and the start of the print. Then when it comes round again it trips over this and drags it around. When it comes to a 90deg corner it lays it down okay, goes round the corner, and then seems to pull at the corner and lifts it. Then on the next pass it drags that as well.
I think it is a quality thing because the pla seems to ooze when it should be stopped and doesnt do this with white. The blue does seem to have different properties - IE translucent, maybe harder.
Any suggestions appreciated - thanks for reading!
Re: Difficult luminous PLA
June 02, 2013 05:27PM
Try lowering your bed temperature to about 65C to start with (first layer) and then 60C after that. I've found that increasing the temperature past 65C actually reduces adhesion.
Re: Difficult luminous PLA
June 02, 2013 07:59PM
Is that glow in the dark PLA? I've had the same problems with that stuff recently. Still trying to find good temperatures. It seems to adhere first layer with the bed at 85 to 90 degrees and hot end at about 200 degrees, but this seems way too hot and I still dont get reliable prints at all.
Re: Difficult luminous PLA
June 03, 2013 02:03PM
Thanks Sheck626 - I'll give it a go

MNTurner - Yes, its the glow in the dark stuff and really not that sure about the quality - 85c & 200c are my regular temps and works with other colours - have tried various combinations of temps (as per my post). I have managed probably 2 out of 50 successful prints with this filament but it is very tempermental and so looking for reliable settings. I think back when I got those 2 results it was just pure luck and pushing stray filament out of the way before it fouled the next layer - not the ideal solution lol

I'll give the lower bed temp a go and report back

Re: Difficult luminous PLA
June 03, 2013 03:31PM
well bu99er me! dropped the bed to 60c and it worked straight away - very happy with that.

many thanks to sheck626 for the suggestion

also - i scrapped the glass cleaner - tried some sarsons malt vinegar - recommend it you are struggling with cleaners

image attached

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