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Posted by MotorAssist 
September 03, 2009 12:09PM
I'm building with generation 3 electronics, and it occurs to me that I don't yet have any cables for the RJ45 jack sockets. In fact, they aren't listed anywhere in any parts list for the Gen 3 stuff!

Looking at the earlier generations' information, the requirement is for Category 6 cable.

Is this the category I need for the Generation 3? Is the category important in this application?
And am I right in thinking I need 4 of these cables?

Re: RJ45
September 03, 2009 02:44PM
I can't see any reason for CAT6 being specified. The category relates to signal quality and bandwidth, which is relevant to Ethernet connections, but will have absolutely no effect at the signal frequencies a RepRap uses.

The most important thing is that any that are connected to moving parts must be stranded patch cables rather than the normal solid core type, which will break when flexed repeatedly.

Not sure how many you need, I would guess one for each endstop and one for the extruder controller?

Re: RJ45
September 05, 2009 02:23PM
Also when getting short cables make sure they are not crossed over pair patch cables, I believe one member on here made that mistake and blew out all his endstop sensors.

So you one normal standard one to one wiring cables.
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