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Pulley Molds Kit (Parts Lister)

Posted by utra 
Pulley Molds Kit (Parts Lister)
October 27, 2009 12:49PM

I am trying to figure out the stuff I need for Darwin through the RepRap`s Parts Lister. I cannot figure out if I need the Pulley Molds Kit. It tell me that I`ll need the kit if I intend to make my own pulleys.

First off, how many pulley mold kits will I need? (3 for 3 pulleys or 1 for 3 pulleys)?

Also, If I don't intend to make my own pulleys, then where in the Parts Lister will pulleys be included? in the Cartesian Robot v1.0????

I have attached a screen shot of my finalized Parts Lister (except the pulleys mold kits) for RepRap Darwin (generation 3 electronics) CAN SOMEONE CHECK DOUBLE CHECK THISconfused smileyspinning smiley sticking its tongue out. THANKS

I noticed the ThermoplastExtruder Version 2.0 is not there, I found it somewhere else on the website, is this the hardest one to put together?

Please give me some info about the pulleys.

Also, any other feed back will be much appreciated.

Thanks A LOT,
Mahdi - Canada
open | download - Parts Lister.jpg (64.1 KB)
Re: Pulley Molds Kit (Parts Lister)
October 27, 2009 03:57PM
If you click on "Cartesian Robot v1.0" you will see the "Z toothed pulley" "X toothed pulley" and "Y toothed pulley". If you buy these you do not need the Pulley Molds Kit.
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