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Where is Mendel???

Posted by bAster.89 
Where is Mendel???
November 14, 2009 05:08AM
Hi everybody!
Please help: where can I find any information on the previous version of REPRAP(Darvin)?

And another question: what are the characteristics of the stepper motors, used in REPRAP?

PS. Sorry for opening the new topic- I couldn't find the information enywhere else.
Re: Where is Mendel???
November 14, 2009 06:45AM
The old info for builds can be found [dev.www.reprap.org]

The exact specification is that the darwin runs on 3 NEMA 23 steppers (with 1 nema 17 for the gen 3 extruder). And the mendel uses 4 nema 17's. Nema 23's are more powerful (and heaviers and more expensive) than Nema 17's. I've got both and the difference is pretty amazing (My darwin's steppers are about twice the size of the 17's i'm using to run my under construction mendel)
Re: Where is Mendel???
November 14, 2009 09:28AM
Thank you VERY VERY VERY much for a link!!!!!

About the motors: We have the company, that provides stepper motors in Ukraine. Here is the list: (http://www.elkos.com.ua/catalog_mcat_17_cat_21.html). But to order the motor I have to know more details about him. (Voltage, Current, Resistance, Holding Torque and other...)
Re: Where is Mendel???
November 15, 2009 01:35PM
The stepper motors sold by MakerBot are:

Part Number: Kysan Electronics / 1123029
200 steps per revolution (1.8 deg/step)
0.4A / phase
Phase Resistance: 35ohm
Phase inductance: 44mH
Holding torque: 260nM
Shaft diameter: 4.78mm / 0.188" (3/16")
Shaft length: 24mm
Motor depth: 34mm

Keling KL23H51-24-08B
Specifications here: [www.kelinginc.net]

My guess is that you want a stepper whose current limit is about the same as the current capability of your stepper driver.
Re: Where is Mendel???
November 16, 2009 05:36PM
Thanks for the information!!! I can order something exact now!

I have the pair: L297/L298 (as a driver). So, my power limit is 2A (as far as I can remember).
But I don't want the motor that is more powerful than it is needed. (the more powerful the motor,- the more expensive it is.)
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