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Solarbotics gearmotors

Posted by Forrest Higgs 
Solarbotics gearmotors
July 05, 2007 11:54PM
I've been using the same little Solarbotics gearmotors for driving the axes of
Tommelise for about 6 months now in fairly heavy usage conditions. They seem to be handling the job with no problem and no indication of impending failure.

The people at Solarbotics indicated that the motors were far more likely to wear out than the gearboxes. They also indicated that the 12v motors which can be specified are far more robust than the 6v motors and less likely to fail through wear.

I bought half a dozen spare 12 motors just to have them on hand for failures. So far I haven't had to replace any 12v motors at all despite running them for many hundreds of hours now.

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Re: Solarbotics gearmotors
July 06, 2007 12:44AM
yay! thats good news to hear =)
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