BOM Generator Update
July 07, 2007 08:36PM
Hey all,


I updated the BOM generator to address a problem with multiple parts (and multiple suppliers being stored in duplicate places) The solution was to move to a more relational database style of storing stuff. I created a Unique Parts sheet in the google docs which just has parts, descriptions, and suppliers. Then, I removed the descriptions and supplier info from each module spreadsheet in google docs. Now, it looks up the info in the unique parts when it goes to find suppliers for that part.

This is good for a variety of reasons. Primarily, we now have an even more centralized location for storing part supplier data. Secondly, it will be even easier to convert this data to SQL when we eventually move to a database system. We're currently using google docs because its free, easy, and gives us a free (and great) UI, not to mention automatic API's as well. Its pretty awesome.

So, if you want to add suppliers to a part, simply find the part in the Unique Parts spreadsheet and add the appropriate supplier line. If you'd like to change parts themselves, please post here or email me and I can clarify how to do it. Or just do it, but make sure to test the bom stuff to make sure its working after you're done.

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