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cartridge heater

Posted by ALO95 
cartridge heater
April 15, 2014 08:02AM

I want to built a hot end. Therefore I want to buy a cartridge heater. Do you think a cartridge heater with 24V and 40 W is good enough for the heating up to 250°C and the regulation if this is done by a PLC?

Thanks for your help
Re: cartridge heater
April 15, 2014 03:31PM
If you can run it at 24 volts then yes, 40W is enough to heat the hotend up to 250C. Most repraps use 12v though, and your 24V 40W heater will only use 10W at 12V which isn't enough power.
Re: cartridge heater
April 16, 2014 09:22AM
Thanks. Would it a better choose if I take a cartridge heater with 12V 40W?
Re: cartridge heater
April 16, 2014 10:46AM
12V 40W wouldn't be better, it would be overkill.

2W is enough power for many folks. 40W can make things glow red--see the dangerous looking photo of 30W in a cartridge heater in RichRap's article on hotends (Page 44 of [s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com])
Re: cartridge heater
April 17, 2014 12:14AM
If you're heating a small enough mass, sure, 2W could make something glow red. If you're heating a hotend from a typical FDM 3D printer with temperature control, then 2W isn't going to cut it. Try soldering something with a 2W soldering iron and see how far you get... Unless you're soldering nano components under a microscope with robotic control, a 2W soldering iron would be completely useless. If you tried to power a typical soldering iron with 2W, it would just get a bit warm but perfectly safe to touch. The same is true with a FDM printer's hotend. 40W might be overkill, but I wouldn't go any lower than 20W and a higher power just means quicker heat times and higher potential print speed due to the fact that it's temperature controlled. A 40W heater has no trouble maintaining print temp even with a fan blowing right on it. I'm not so sure about a 20W heater, but a 10W heater wouldn't stand a chance.
Re: cartridge heater
April 17, 2014 01:37AM
I was mistaken -- I was thinking 2 amps. I print with 12V through a 6.7 ohm resistor for about 21 watts max, controlled to about 9.5W for 180C PLA at 30mm/s.
Re: cartridge heater
April 17, 2014 07:31AM
cartage heaters can melt alu...


250C is nothing!
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