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Mendel in a single STL

Posted by Katai 
Mendel in a single STL
January 29, 2010 04:38PM
I'm trying to build a Mendel, but I can't get started until I can get my hands on a set of Mendel parts. A friend had a great idea to check the local University to see if they can help. Low and behold, they do rapid prototyping for students and local businesses.

I don't know what kind of machine they use, but they need an STL file to provide us a proper quote. However, the Mendel parts are in several STL files, and the quantities needed are varied. It would be much simpler if I could have all the Mendel parts in a single file to hand to them. I'm wondering if someone has already done this, or if I need to do this myself.
Re: Mendel in a single STL
January 29, 2010 05:34PM

The idea of bootstrapping a mendel with commercial prototyping machines has been covered many times in these forums, and the concensus is that it will cost over $1000 simply in feedstock for these machines.

[objects.reprap.org] lists the build volume at 1110cm^3 if you want to check for yourself. There's also a single STL floating around on the wiki or forums somewhere, perhaps ask google.

There are other options out there.
Re: Mendel in a single STL
January 29, 2010 06:13PM
Check out blendeded Mendel on thingiverse. You can import all the parts into one scene, then duplicate them.

The issue with doing it this way is all the parts are still in flux. Some change from time to time. Best way is to just import all 48 into 1 scene, the sort them out.

Re: Mendel in a single STL
January 29, 2010 07:49PM
You should find out the printer's build area first as you may not be able to get all copies of all Mendel parts in a single print. You should also make sure the parts they can print are strong enough to use in a RepRap.

This YouTube video by "prusajr" shows how to do it in Blender:


Basically he creates a very thin base plane, sets all the parts on it, and merges them into a single object.

A comment from "grogyan" says:

"Its so simple, just Shift+D, once you have all the meshes in the right places, then in object mode just hold down shift and left click on each, when your happy, join the meshes together with ctrl+J, then export as STL"
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