STL location in svn
July 10, 2007 01:38AM
It took me a few weeks but I finally found somebody willing to make me the plastic parts. I found the stl files for the extruder in mechanics/polymer-extruder/STLs, but when I looked in /mechanics/cartesian-robot/STLs, it was empty, as was /mechanics/cartesian-robot/AoIs. I also did 'find reprap -name "*.stl"' and didn't come up with anything except the extruder.

Am I looking in the wrong place? If so, where are the cartesian robot stl files located?

Re: STL location in svn
July 10, 2007 05:10AM
Yes, you're looking in the wrong place :-)

Subversion contains the "source" files for things, not the binary results. So it "should" include .aoi files for parts, not .stl files. Why the AoI files are not there for the robot, I am not sure. Logically they "should" be.

Anyway, the current released set of STL files is on Sourceforge [] . Click on "Object files" and you'll find your way to which includes both extruder and robot STL files.

Note: Subversion is a version control system and file repository, intended mainly for use by the people making changes to the code or to the basics of RepRap. People building a RepRap "as currently designed" are likely to be better off using the released files instead. At least in theory (!), these have been tested before release.

Currently the team has released: the host software, the firmware, the object files, and the electronics related files for making PCBs. That's intended to be pretty much everything you will need by way of files to construct a RepRap, except the BOM and the build instructions (which are on the Wiki, not in Subversion, anyway).

IMO it actually helps the project if folks try to build their RepRap from the released stuff; if they find something missing they should definitely ask about it, because that means there is a bug or omission in what we have released. If everyone goes direct into the bowels of subversion instead, we won't get the kind of testing of our releases that we need.

Incidentally there was a thread here in the forums quite recently about a few STL files being missing from the released .zip, and Ed was going to check into that... I don't have current status on that question. If you are about to place a large-ish RP order, it might be important to you to get a good answer to this first :-)

Re: STL location in svn
July 10, 2007 10:12AM
Thanks much for the reply. I'm overly habituated to looking for things in repositories (my office uses svn as its document management system). I'll grab that zip from sourceforge. Thanks!

Then we get to find out if my friend balks at the number of files to create. I think when he agreed to do this he probably thought it was only a few parts!
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Re: STL location in svn
July 10, 2007 12:07PM
If I remember right, that zip file also contains a number of STL files for things that are not intended to be made by FDM, such as rods, motors, PCBs, etc. Those files are used if you are making a virtual model of Darwin. If those files are there, they should all be in one directory, so look at the files and if you see some that are marked something like 'stepper motor' or 'M8 bolt' or something like that, you can ignore those. Also, make sure you go through the build instructions to get an accurate count of the RP parts needed - there's only one corner bracket file in the zip, but you need 8 of them total (if I'm counting right). smiling smiley
Re: STL location in svn
July 10, 2007 06:07PM
the reason that there are no AOI files is that they havent been created yet (to my knowledge) the darwin design was done in solidworks. the solidworks files are floating around in subversion somewhere (/misc?) one of the goals is to get those converted to AOI soon.

i recommend using the Bill of Materials Generator to find out the exact quantities and parts that need printed:

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