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Laptop Power Supply/Firmware Question

Posted by drastic00 
Laptop Power Supply/Firmware Question
May 02, 2014 03:21PM

I have put together a Prusa i3 which I am currently trying to calibrate.

My power supply is a old Dell laptop charger (12V, 18A). In the Marlin firmware, there are two options: ATX and Xbox 360 power supplies. I selected Xbox and it powers the printer, but I am just wondering whether using the Xbox firmware option will later cause me any issues. If so, what file might I need to change to include this third option (it looks to me like Configuration.h is calling an external file for this info, but at this point, what do I know =-) )?

Re: Laptop Power Supply/Firmware Question
May 04, 2014 11:19PM
The POWER_SUPPLY X-box/ATX setting changes the sense of way the electronics drives the PS_ON_PIN, either active-high or active-low. If you aren't using a PS_ON_PIN to control your laptop power supply, the setting won't matter.
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