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Ormerod X endstop

Posted by minipada 
Ormerod X endstop
May 10, 2014 07:52PM
Hello guys,
I worked some time ago on an Ormerod and didn't touch it since 2 months and I've got a problem with the X-end stop. I don't find the x endstop Reprap gave me, so I wanted to add a switch (KW11-2) and wire it on the duet. The switch is in the red square of the "X endstop ormerod" file.

I tried to wire it on the Duet like in the "X endstop electronics"

It doesn't work at all. The LED on the Duet is ON when the switch is not pushed and is OFF when it is pushed. How can I do ?

Re: Ormerod X endstop
May 11, 2014 11:11PM
I don't have a Duet, but I think that is normal. The LED indicating that the signal line is shorted to ground when the switch is untriggered/carriage is away from the endstop, and pulled up (light off) when the switch is triggered. See [github.com] and [reprappro.com] portion about the lights on the board for the description of the normal operation of the Y-endstop light.

I like that the light is on in the untriggered/NC state and toggles to off when the stop is triggered/opened.
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