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Finaly worked out how to save settings in slic3r

Posted by gregted 
Finaly worked out how to save settings in slic3r
May 31, 2014 10:11AM
What a nightmare this has been. Been trying to adjust settings in slic3r through pronterface for over a year. Slow learner hey. Anyway here is what I found.

In pronterface, go to settings, options, user interface. Tick both boxes that are enable slic3r integration and update slic3r default presets.

Enable slic3r integration adds a slic3r settings menu item to the pronterface taskbar. Pic 1

Update slic3r default presets saves the selected profile as default. Pic 2.

Now go to settings, slicing settings, fillament settings and change extruder temp to 230. Save as my settings. Pic 3

Now in pronterface you should see a menu option for slic3r. Click on this and under fillament you should have a little blue ball beside my settings. Pic 4

Hope this saves others my frustration..

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open | download - slic3r integration.jpg (172.4 KB)
open | download - update slic3r defaults.jpg (178.7 KB)
open | download - slic3r my settings.jpg (101.4 KB)
open | download - slic3r fillament my settings.jpg (148.9 KB)
Re: Finaly worked out how to save settings in slic3r
June 01, 2014 04:55AM
I don't actually call Slic3r from within Pronterface but rather use Slic3r as a stand alone program which gives me full control of it. Nothing wrong with your method though.

Waitaki 3D Printer
Re: Finaly worked out how to save settings in slic3r
January 01, 2016 03:35AM
Thank You!
I started to believe that it wasn't possible to have configuration presets in Slic3r when integrated with Pronterface.
Nowhere else I've found the information that you have to set the Slic3r presets within Pronterface if you are using them together, else the presets made in Slic3r are overwritten.
Maybe I just ran out of google-fu.
However, you saved my day and this new year is starting out quite well smiling smiley
Happy New Year!
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