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arduino serial port

Posted by Setesh 
arduino serial port
June 04, 2014 03:13PM
So I have everything set up and going but for some reason when I go into arduino I can't select "serial port". The words are a grey color and don't do anything when I mouse over them. So when I click on "upload I/O board" it just gives me the message "Serial port COM1 not found. Did you select the right one from the Tools>Serial Port menu?" I also can't connect with proterface. And whenever I connect the usb to my computer I get a message saying "USB input device needs more power than the port can supply." Even though I have the power supply plugged in and it is on.

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Re: arduino serial port
June 04, 2014 05:24PM
What operating system does your computer run? Linux/Mac/Windows
If windows or OSX I think you have to install drivers for the arduino. I could be wrong about OSX, but I know for sure you have to on Windows. Just switch to Linux. ; )
After that, try another USB cable.
Try it without anything hooked up to the arduino.
Re: arduino serial port
June 05, 2014 02:41PM
I have tried multiple different ways of installing the driver. I think it's the power source. Like I said when I plug it into my computer my computer says that it doesn't have enough power to power the device.
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