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Marlin configuration

Posted by foul_owl 
Marlin configuration
June 16, 2014 05:04PM
Hi folks,

Working on getting my Marlin firmware set up for my prusa i3. I found instructions for setting the correct values for DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT, but I am wondering how I determine how to set the following: (possibly other settings as well)


My current prints are a bit rough and I want to try tuning the firmware. I have already made sure all the belts are tight.

Re: Marlin configuration
June 16, 2014 07:41PM
Check the reprap calculator (http://calculator.josefprusa.cz/) for a few of these settings.

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Re: Marlin configuration
June 16, 2014 08:04PM
what do you mean rough? any pictures of failed or bad qualty prints so we can diagnose whats going on

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Re: Marlin configuration
June 17, 2014 03:27PM
Yeah I saw [calculator.josefprusa.cz] already. Just wondering about the rest of the settings.
Re: Marlin configuration
June 17, 2014 03:30PM
Let me take some pics of the rough looking prints tonight.
Re: Marlin configuration
June 17, 2014 03:35PM
I have noticed sometimes that the print head is moving quite fast, to the point where it causes the whole machine to wobble, even on a sturdy surface. This is especially true when filling in long, small gaps. I was guessing that some sort of speed settings need to be tweaked, but unsure what specifically.
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