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RepRap axes conventions

Posted by nophead 
RepRap axes conventions
March 06, 2007 03:28PM
Hi, I am just commisioning the cartesian engine of my RepStrap effort. I currently have the axes of my machine as follows: X axis left(-) to right(+), Y axis front(-) to back(+) and Z bottom(-) to top(+) is this correct? It is not as AOI but I am sure other people have referred to the Z axis of their machines as the vertical one.

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Re: RepRap axes conventions
March 06, 2007 04:48PM
That's the accepted convention for RepRap as I understand it. It amounts to swapping the y and z axis information out of AoI in practice.
Re: RepRap axes conventions
March 07, 2007 08:09AM
Thanks Forrest I will stick with that.
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