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Determine the area of a layer

Posted by Guizbo 
Determine the area of a layer
July 02, 2014 10:50AM

I understand mine is more of a mathematical question.
I'm doing a project where I need to find the cross sectional area of a solid imported from an STL file.
I'm programming this and I'm having some trouble with the algorithm.

I've been following the "detailed description of geometry processing" of the RepRap host software and at this point I can calculate the intersection of the solid with an horizontal plane.
This puts me in the end of the slicing step. I have several lines defining a 2D polygon of my cross section.

Now I want to do the end matching of this lines as you describe in the end matching process.
However I don't quite understand how to compute this.

I tried to look for these routines in the source code in the provided link, but unfortunately i couldn't find them.

Could you please tell me what functions are you using to do the end-matching and/or point me to the place in the code where they are being used?

Thank you for your attention.
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